Norovirus Cleanup Kit - Cardboard Dustpan



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Ready to use vomit clean up kit for the safe and effective removal of vomit and other body fluids. Contains all the supplies needed for one time response to unplanned vomit spills. Includes EPA-registered disinfectant rated to kill Norovirus in 30 seconds. Also include complete personal protection kit, disposal supplies and step by step bilingual instructions. Compliant with state and local food code requirements and the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.

- One complete single-use kit included; 23 pieces in total
- INSTRUCTIONS: Written procedures with images and video instructions
- DISINFECTANT: Bottle of EPA registered disinfectant with pump spray
- ABSORBENT: Hospital-grade absorbent with deodorizer, gels up to 2 liters of body fluids
- TOOLS: Handheld scoop and scraper
- PPE: water proof shoe covers, gown w/ sleeves and thumb loops, nitrile gloves, mask/eye shield & hairnet
- MSDS Safety Sheets provided