Fluid Warming Drapes - Full Case - FDA Registered- Heavy Duty Polyurethane - Case of 24 Count

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Our FDA registered fluid warming drapes are designed so there are no gaps between the drape and the warming unit.  We use high quality, clear Polyurethane material.  Our sterilized products are individually packaged for easy draping and turnover.  We provide a full suite of Fluid Warming drapes, Disc Slush drapes and Rectangle Plate Slush drapes. Download our product information sheet.


  • Available in FOUR sizes - Dimensions: 44" x  44" or 48" x 48" or 44" x 66" or 52" x 66"

  • Single-use, STERILE heavy-duty polyurethane drapes

  • Conforms to the inside of the warming basins 

  • Designed to work across various Fluid warming Systems

  • 100% latex free


  • Packed 24 eaches per case

  • Case Dimensions: 12x12x12

  • Case Weight: 14 lbs to 22 lbs (depending on size chosen)


Northfield also manufactures and sells Fluid Warmers.  Our warmers are available with 3.5, 5.5 and 5.7 liter basins. Call us to learn more our visit our Fluid Warmer product page.

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